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My name is Daniel Lance. I am a ICS Cyber Security Consultant, focusing on Security Research and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

I am currently working full time as a consultant at Archer Security Group, a small but successful leader in NERC CIP Implementation & Security Consulting.

Formerly, I served as lead engineer to a commercial security integrator where I  was heavily involved in rapid development and deployment of electronic force protection systems.

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My goal at Archer is to strengthen critical infrastructure through a collaborative effort with effected venders during a VULNERABILITY disclosure. There are currently four major areas of high-level research that I work in to help companies around the world.

I have been successful in collaborating with ICS-CERT & US-CERT in coordinated disclosures that have effected more than 13 industries.


My career in Cyber Security was a rapid evolution from an Integrated systems engineer where I helped design and build man traps and airlocks for some of the world’s largest companies, I concurrently served as a lead Integrator for two companies, and Improved departmental operations, establishing effective company policies and procedures, resulting in increased productivity, I defined and closely monitored short and long-term goals. Progressive, hands-on management style resulting in improved motivation and productivity, maintaining excellent interpersonal relationships with staff, management, and clients. Directed all installations of security and automation with heavy emphasis on Quality Of Service. Lead designer for devices custom built for an active shooter, Force Protection and force multiplication. All the way down to pulling the wire needed, there are few roles in systems Integration that I haven’t taken part in.
Moving forward a few years I was asked to be a Senior Electronics Engineer for a world leader in food production equipment. Providing remote support to customers and field service engineers throughout North America on X-ray machine operation and service, traveling nationally for training opportunities, regularly working on X-ray equipment that has suffered critical failures and finding unique solutions resulting in permanent fixes. Dynamic troubleshooting skills used to provide the shortest amount of “downtime” possible, documenting these solutions and publishing them to local and international databases to create a unified troubleshooting process. One of the really fun things I got to do in this position was module repair or rebuild, going down to a component level on PLC devices is always a lot of fun. I was also responsible for documenting a multi-million dollar a year service project that required a component level of knowledge of Xray electronics repair and I was the lead in-house technician for this project as well.
Currently, at Archer Security Group I am working as a Senior ICS Cyber Security Consultant doing Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) consulting and technical writing for many of the largest generation and transmission facilities in North America. As well conducting Security Research to overall benefit the health of an industry through analysis of vulnerabilities and proper disclosure paths. Including one of the largest known coordinated disclosures in ICS with more than 25 vulnerabilities sighted in a new industrial category.
I currently live in Kansas City, Airports, and Hotels around the world.


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